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Diabetic diet plan for diabetic people. This is a set of diabetic food intake planning.

Balanced Diabetic Lunch

Taco Salad for Diabetics

ProMedica Wellness Dietitian, Kinsy McNamee demonstrates how to make a diabetic friendly Taco Salad that you can prepare in a matter of minutes. Just a few notes, the main recipe here is a Turkey breast meat, beans, corn and lettuce. This one is recipe is good for lunch. So what are you waiting for? You […]


Super Foods for Diabetics

Here’s a short list of super foods for diabetics: – Blueberries – Cranberries – Apples – Melon – Raspberries – Red Grapefruit – Asparagus – Tomatoes – Carrots – Broccoli – Red Onions – Spinach – Fish – Soy – Yoghurt – Flaxseed – Nuts – Beans – Oatmeal – Tea Please note that some […]


Top 10 Super Foods for Diabetics

The most important thing in choosing the food for diabetics is to get the food with low glycemic index or GI. In addition, it should be something that provides the key nutrients such as: Calcium, Potassium, Fiber, Magnesium, and Vitamins A, C and E (American Diabetes Association). Always remember that in controlling blood sugar level […]

Paleo and Diabetes

Paleo Diet and Diabetes

There are lots of fuzz about Paleo Diet and Diabetes. Today, I would like to discuss these things so that we can have a clearer picture of what paleo diet is and how it can help people with diabetes. What is Paleo Diet? Paleo diet is derived from “Paleolithic Diet” or what is known as […]