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Herbs and other alternative medicines diabetes are also good in controlling your blood sugar level and better yet, reversing your diabetes.


Virgin Coconut Oil Remedy for Diabetes

Coconut oil was said to be the healthiest oil in the planet. When Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) was first introduced, it has become the best oil that you can use for your diet. Various researchers studied the effects of coconut oil. Bruce Fife, C.N. N.D. (Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil) concluded that there is one […]

Lowering Uric Acid

Simple and Safe Remedy for Lowering Uric Acid

Lowering uric acid is achievable by taking some medicines recommended by the doctor. In my case, the doctor recommended me Allopurinol. However, just like any other medicines, this one have some side effects. So, I decided investigating reasonable remedies in lowering uric acid. But before diving in, let’s also talk something about arthritis because having high […]

canary seed

Canary Seeds A Remedy For Diabetes

There are several ways to reduce your blood sugar. Canary seeds is one of them (according to the author of the video). Give it a try. Click here to discover more remedy and in the process reverse diabetes. Just remember, the main secret of reversing diabetes is discipline. We have to apply good diet, these […]