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Make your diabetic lifestyle a fruitful one.

Sugar and Heart Disease

Sugar and Heart Disease: Discussing the Cholesterol Myth

Dr. Stephen Sinatra a well respected cardiologist and author of Cholesterol Myth discusses about Cholesterol and Heart disease. According to him, Cholesterol is not the number one perpetrator of most heart disease. In fact, only a small percentage of LDL is bad because it’s an inflammatory. The number one perpetrator of the inflammation of the heart and arteries […]

Smoking and Diabetes

Smoking and Diabetes

Today let’s talk about smoking and diabetes. There are millions of people who smoke and millions of people dies because of smoking. Here’s some statistical facts about smoking according to WHO: Key facts Tobacco kills up to half of its users. Tobacco kills around 6 million people each year. More than 5 million of those […]

Reverse Diabetes

Reversing Diabetes

According to the medical world, it’s still possible to reverse diabetes depending on how long you’ve had the condition, how severe the condition is and genes factor.  There is only one method to achieve this.  It’s called “healthy lifestyle.”  Reversing diabetes means going “off” medication but still continue to do activities that would keep it […]

Uses of C24/7

100 Uses of C24/7 and Its Components

In my previous article Why Take Food Supplement When You Are Diabetic, I emphasized there the side effects of the medicines that I am taking. That led me to a decision to take action in protecting my body against the harmful side effects of these synthetic medicines. So here’s the 100 uses of C24/7 1. Bronchial […]