Do not let diabetes hinder you in achieving your dreams. There is money in it. Below are two of the things that you can do to earn money through it. These are the best diabetic careers that you can ever have.

Become a Diabetes Expert Writer

Qualification: Good writer, diabetic, have experience using herbal medicines for diabetes, fitness expert who knows the best exercise for diabetic people.

Establish your reputation as a diabetes expert and get Php 70 per approved article that you submitted. It means that you agree on the following when you submit an article:

1. Your article is not a copy paste article. We will know if it is copy pasted. Submitting a copy pasted article will be automatically turned down and you will be given a warning. You will be totally blocked on the second offense. Please note that we take plagiarism seriously.

2. Your article was never published and will never be published in other sites.

3. will own the rights for the article, while you will still retain its authorship.

4. Your articles will contain a disclaimer at the bottom unless you are a licensed medical practitioner.

5. Your payment will be sent via Paypal or BPI every first week of the month. You will shoulder for any extra expense or any processing or transfer fee that will be incurred for the transfer. This is why we strongly encourage that you submit BPI account so that it will be free of charge.

6. Your article will be at least 500 words long.

7. We will review your article if it passes our standards.

Gain extra Php 100 extra commission for each article that proves to be highly visited, commented and shared.  We value helpful articles.

Potential Income:

Php 2100 a month (1 approved article per day)
PLUS: Unlimited commission depending on article contribution that are highly commented.

What will you get:

1. You will gain “online authority”
2. Extra income
3. Link to your FB fanpage or website if any.
4. Bigger community

How to start: Use the form in the Contact page section. Put your complete name as the author, use “Re: Article Submission” as the subject. Then paste your article in the message section. Click “Submit”.

Start Your Own Business

Qualification: Willingness to learn, passion to start a business, desire to EARN.

It is hard to get a job when you are diabetic. But how about owning your own business? One of the things that we do is we train people to have their own business. Not just we teach people how to live healthy, we teach them how to earn money out of diabetes. Interested?

If you are diabetic person like me and you want to pursue healthy lifestyle while earning income that is much better than getting a job, then this business is for you. You are not only helping other people, you are also helping and making yourself a better person by living healthy and earning income.

This is perfect for people who want to get a career, looking for a way to control that nasty blood sugar, and those who want to help other people.

Potential Income:

Unlimited income. Some people are earning 100k, some 200k some even millions per month.

What will you get:

Here’s a list of what you will gain;

1. Fully functional business.
2. Product to sell.
3. Business training – offline and online.
4. Online business management system.
5. Free medical check-up.
6. Scholarship for your college child
7. Accident insurance for 1 year.
8. Friendly and helpful support network – offline and online.
9. Health knowledge.
10. Friends and relationships.
11. Respect
12. Best of all, unlimited income.

How to start: If you live in the Philippines, you can call me directly: 0927 7772599. If you live in these countries: Brunei, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Singapore, Taiwan, and UAE, you can reach me via Skype. My Skype name is “volaer”.