With the aim to give you a brief glimpse on the information about diabetes, I listed some frequently asked questions about it and answered it as plain as possible.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition where your body failed to absorbed sugar (glucose) properly. It is either your body produce too little insulin or your body does not absorb insulin where it becomes resistant.

Is diabetes a contagious disease? 

No. Most cases of diabetes is caused by lack of discipline in sugar intake, no exercise, and obesity. However, being diabetic can also be caused by genetic reasons.

How does diabetes destroy you?

About 90% of diabetics in the world is type 2 diabetic. However, it is a progressive disease which eventually leads in taking insulin. Diabetes slowly destroys kidney, liver, heart, and other internal organs including the eyes.

What are the common causes of diabetes?

There are 4 main causes of diabetes. The first is genetics. According to statistics, children would have 90% chance of getting diabetes if one of the parents is diabetes. This tells us that if one of your parents is diabetic you will have a higher chance of getting diabetes as well. Other causes are age, obesity and lifestyle. In most cases, obesity and lifestyle comes out to be the main causes of diabetes.

Is there any cure?

There is no cure for diabetes. Once you have it, you will have it for life. However, it is also important to note that diabetes can be controlled and with a healthy diet and exercise, you can live almost a diabetes free life. There is also a report that diabetes can be reversed as long as you will continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

How can diabetes be controlled?

There are three “d’s” of diabetes control; drug, diet and exercise, and discipline. If done religiously, you can make your blood sugar level back to normal. I also advise that if you are taking medicines, you also take food supplement. These food supplements can definitely help your body recover from the damaging effects that these medicines can do to your body.

If one of your parents or both are diabetic, you can avoid getting it in an early age if you live a healthy lifestyle. Eat the right kinds of food, have a daily exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Is there an alternative medicine for diabetes?

Absolutely! There are lots of alternative medicines for diabetes. And this site aims to present and give information about these alternative medicines. Just visit the herbal section of this site. Apart from that, healthy lifestyle is also a must if you are diabetic. This means that you will need to work on exercise, diet, and medicine.

Here’s a video giving us a good information about diabetes.

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