Virgin Coconut Oil Remedy for Diabetes

Coconut oil was said to be the healthiest oil in the planet. When Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) was first introduced, it has become the best oil that you can use for your diet. Various researchers studied the effects of coconut oil. Bruce Fife, C.N. N.D. (Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil) concluded that there is one oil that a diabetic can take without fear, and that is coconut oil.

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But how does Virgin Coconut Oil works in diabetes treatment?

Here’s an excerpt from Bruce Fife in his conclusion about consumption of coconut oil:

As mentioned earlier in this chapter, coconut oil puts less of a demand on the enzyme production of the pancreas. This lessens the stress on the pancreas during mealtime when insulin is produced most heavily, thus allowing the organ to function more efficiently. Coconut Oil also helps supply energy to cells because it is easily absorbed without the need of enzymes or insulin. It has been shown to improve insulin secretion and utilisation of blood glucose. Coconut oil in the diet enhances insulin action and improves binding affinity compared to other oils. The Journal of the Indian Medical Association has reported that Type II diabetes in India has increased as the people have abandoned traditional oils, like coconut oil, in favour of polyunsaturated vegetable oils which have been promoted as “heart-friendly.” The authors comment on the link between polyunsaturated oils and diabetes and recommend increasing coconut oil consumption as a means to prevent diabetes.

There are actually lots of people who have experimented coconut oil in treating their diabetes. Dr. Nigel Turner and his associate Jiming Ye from Garvan Institute of Medical Research in 2009 also demonstrated that a diet rich in coconut oil helps protects the body from insulin resistance.

Katie author and owner of Wellness Mama, also promotes the use of coconut oil instead of other oils available in the market.

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This tells us that Coconut indeed is the tree of life and that one of the things that make it so great is the oil that you can get from it. It was further enhanced by extracting the unadulterated oil, which  is known as Virgin Coconut Oil.

Here’s a video from Natalie discussing about more benefits from coconut

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